Applied Digital Marketing - Racing into 2017

Applied Digital Marketing - Racing into 2017

2nd December 2016 in Applied News

It's not really my style to rattle on about internal matters, but given the year we've had, and the way 2017 is looking (already!) I thought it was worth taking a little time to look back at what's been achieved and learned, and forward at what's in store for next year.

2016 has been a heck of a year for the world, the country and our company. The UK ends the year in a very different state than it started it, and so does Applied. We changed our brand to better reflect our 'grown up’ approach, and in 2017 we have plans to grow further as a business.

Client relations have been fulfilling. In 2016 we've done our best work ever, with some outstanding results and many lessons learned. We've gained some fantastic new clients and continued to service our existing client base. On the self promotion front though, we've been pretty lax.

Historically we've relied on our results to do the talking. Where others often promise much and underperform, we've always tried to live by Larry Page's mantra of 'Always deliver more than expected’.

In the past I've sometimes doubted whether this is the right path. On a couple of occasions over the years we’ve lost significant pieces of business because agencies (credible agencies, with higher paid directors!) have promised more. It's a jagged pill to swallow at the time.

What gives me the confidence we're on the right track is when clients return, having been let down or 'shafted' (their words), and wanting us to help out and  'get the job done’. Or when an email lands thanking the team for seeing a job through against the odds.

For 2017 we've got plans. For once it's not the usual plan, which consists of 'more of the same, keep people happy’. We know we've got things we can do better, and we know there are some great opportunities to chase. We're looking to grow, and we're looking to evolve further. We're not chasing growth for its own sake, but we're looking to improve in a number of areas and bring exciting new offers to market. This will bring its own demands and rewards.

We're very proud (and as a petrolhead I'm personally delighted) to have struck a partnership with United Autosports, the extremely successful Yorkshire-based motorsport team.

After utterly dominating the 2016 European Le Mans Series (podiums in all races, 3 out of 6 wins, ending up as champions), ‘United’ will be competing in the world's biggest motor race, the Le Mans 24 Hours in June, as well as contesting championships and races in the UK, Europe and globally.

Applied will be helping them along the way by evolving their digital platforms on various fronts. We're looking forward to contributing to their winning formula.

All the above means we’ll need more people. The first hire will be in the marketing team. If you’re an individual with experience in digital marketing in an agency setting, we’d love to talk. You must be results focused, creative, analytical and able to work within a team, always with an eye on delivering and demonstrating ROI to the client. If you think this is you, click here for more details.

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22nd September 2017 in Web Design and Development, SEO, Digital Strategy, Content for Conversion, Applied News, Email Marketing

September Digest

I remember reading a blog on a design agency website a few months back, that simply said ‘if we haven’t updated this for a while, we’re busy’.

The way it’s been at Applied over the last couple of months, that statement rings true for us as well.

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