A fifth of US Facebook users log on before getting out of bed

19th May 2011 in

Almost 20% of American Facebook users log on through their smartphones before getting out of bed new research has found, while just over a fifth (22%) checked the social networking site each morning.

The research by mobile phone brand Ericsson found that 18% of Americans logged into Facebook as the first thing they do each day, while 35% of iPhone and Android users said that they used apps and other social networking sites before getting up.

In order to compile the survey Ericsson spoke to 80,000 people worldwide in order to find out how the use of the internet is changing with the introduction of smart phones and tablet PCs.

The survey found that consumers now chose to surf the internet continuously through smartphones rather than in chunks at the beginning and end of the day when restricted to desktop PCs.


Source: The Drum

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