6 Tips to Ensure Success in Content Marketing

6 Tips to Ensure Success in Content Marketing

4th January 2016 in SEO, Digital Strategy

Content marketing; at its best, it can be the holy grail for businesses; at its worst it can be bland, regurgitated drivel that’s one step up from copy and paste. Upping your content marketing activity can reduce your reliance on paid advertising, improve your bounce rate and keep customers coming back.


Here are a few quick tips to making your content marketing work for you.


Understand your subject matter

Don’t get the intern or office junior to write the content - in order to be perceived as experts in your field your piece should convey authority on the subject.


Use the most appropriate medium - let the content define the channel

You’re telling a story; so use the most appropriate voice.

  • A detailed white paper or authority piece would be probably best as a written document (with a print ready version - a pdf with your details on there)
  • Maybe a video for a ‘how-to’ or a demo?
  • An infographic to get across some really interesting but slightly ‘heavy’ stats?

All this presents the opportunity to ask people to subscribe for future updates - setting the stage for a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


Don’t ignore reactions - interact

Hopefully your existing and future customers will engage with your content so much they’ll want to have some input - this needs to be handled carefully as with all human interaction. Accept criticism, if valid, and challenge if you think it’s not; but always do so professionally and in a measured manner.


Consider your audience - keep the content relevant

Don’t write blogs about cats doing funny things on the internet… unless you’re promoting a cat’s home or a pet shop, of course.


Use content to capture data

If you’ve got some really juicy content, something that’s unique, something that’s of real value, consider getting people to give you something back in return. An email address, maybe a name, maybe a Company or Job Title. Asking for details before allowing access throws up further challenges, of course; you need to comply with all privacy laws, and create a really compelling ‘teaser’ to engage the audience enough for them to take that extra step…. and then deliver on what you’ve promised them.

Help solve a problem

Different ways of interacting with search engines are meaning that people are adjusting the terms they input. People are starting to see ‘Siri’ and ‘Google’ as friends and assistants rather than technical interfaces. Typed in searches like ‘blocked sink’ are being replaced by spoken and typed searches like ‘how do I unblock a sink with a plunger’ as people become more confident that search will return a quality answer. If your content article shows some really quality ways of sink unblockery, and has a title ‘how to unblock a sink with our great new type of plunger’ you’re onto a winner. Especially if the rest of the site is rich with similar useful content.


I hope this has been of help and gives an insight into a tiny bit of what we do here day by day for clients large and small, B2B or B2C.


Having great content associated with your company has never been more important - BUT has never been easier if you work with a team like ours, we work with you in a way that suits you; whether it's concepts, creative and/or distribution - get in touch now and see what we can do for you.


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