3 Ways Google+ Changes Search

5th July 2013 in SEO

With Google Plus being heavily linked to Google Search it is only natural that there would be some benefits to having your business on Google Plus.

1.Google Plus is good at letting Google get to know you better. Google can then improve its search results using its enhanced knowledge, gained from using the information in your Google Plus social circle.

2.Another benefit that Google Plus provides is that results are now much more difficult to cheat. Identifying a spammer is much easier, as when Google spots a profile that only shares and votes, or has +1s dominating the profile page it may get suspicious. Google can easily watch out for these problematic profiles that spam vote, and now has the ability to discount their votes.

3. Hubspot research has found that websites with Google’s +1 button receive 3.5x the Google+ visits of sites without the button. This stat shows that everyone should be using social sharing buttons! The main attribute that social sharing buttons have is that they make it extremely quick and easy for visitors to your site to share your content. They even act as a call to action on your Blog, which helps remind readers that their online acquaintances may also be interested in your content.

The overall point here is that every company should not only have a Google Plus page, but that they must also use social share buttons on their site to gain the full benefit of it. 

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