What's the buzz from ionSearch?

19th April 2013 in SEO, Content for Conversion

If the expert speakers at this week’s search marketing conference ‘ionSearch’ are to be believed we can give ourselves a great big pat on the back, because we've been doing for the last 18 months to 2 years what they're recommending is the future of SEO.

Apparently it's all about great content on-line - but more than that, we need to generate better content, that's better placed and properly shared, which reminds me - please share using the links at the end of this piece!

The Panda and Penguin updates should have been a clue to where Google was heading, driving the black hat practitioners off the grid and rewarding those of us who try our hardest to generate content that is relevant, engaging and allows you, or your clients, to build a relationship with the end user.

Ross Hudgens of Siege Media (@rosshudgens) recommended referencing relevant key influencers within your content - great ticked that box! But seriously, this is a great tip, one which we use, but only when appropriate and when it adds value to what we are saying, either on behalf of ourselves or our clients, like reinforcing our approach to inbound marketing.

In his seminar, Ignacio Lucea from content marketers CopyPress, added that all content should be created to incite an emotion; that you need to build emotional relationships with your customers, and communicate your core principles and values, have opinions and share knowledge.

This theme of ‘creating incredible content’(thanks to Martin MacDonald from Expedia, @searchmartin for that apt phrase) to drive traffic to your website, was reinforced continuously throughout the day - use content to drive conversion; engagement and communication; relevancy and trust; authorship - along with the message to ‘measure, learn and evolve’ from Andrew Dumont of SEOmoz.

So what did we learn from our attendance at this annual meeting of the great and good of search? That we are definitely doing the right thing for our clients - generating great content, pushing it out to the right people, to build natural links and drive organic search. Plus we also picked up some tips on great tools to try too.

So a big thank you to ionSearch and see you next year! 

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