Putting SEO Tips into Action

26th April 2013 in SEO

After listening to what the expert speakers at the recent ionSearch conference in Leeds had to say, I was encouraged that here at Smart Arts we are already implementing what they were recommending would be beneficial for improved SEO performance.

At Smart Arts we use a variety of top quality SEO research and analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEOMOZ, Clixell, Web-Position and more, but it was very interesting to learn about other great tools that our peers speaking at the conference were recommending.

After attending the Panel SEO, Ultimate SEO, and the Link Research Tools sessions, I was both impressed and astounded at the amount of different SEO tools currently on the market. It was therefore useful to have some clarification as to what each of these tools can help you to achieve. 

For example Christoph C. Cemper spoke about Link Detox in the Link Research tools panel session, explaining how this powerful tool identifies bad, suspicious, and unhealthy links. This is certainly something we will be looking into in more detail, especially as Google is penalising poor links. 

We are always researching new and innovative ways to further enhance our clients’ SEO results, so I would personally like to thank all the expert speakers at the ionSearch Conference that gave out such helpful information. I would also like to thank the organisers for providing extremely tasty food.    

For more information on ionSearch visit: http://www.ionsearch.co.uk/

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