No-one does social like Ryanair....

8th November 2012 in

Businesses are climbing over themselves to 'engage' with their customers, and be seen to communicate on social networks. It's a great way to get feedback, and monitor how your customers think - and what they think about you.

Communicating in an open forum of this type has its hazards though; check out some of these top social media 'fails' of 2012, as compiled by the guys at

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12th April 2017 in Digital Strategy

By Chris Bardsley

How you can find buyers online: Profile your ideal customers

Before you can find buyers for your products or services, you need to know exactly who they are, or more importantly, who you want to buy from you. By writing down your ideal buyer, whether that’s a person or a company, you’re targeting your (potential) best buyers i.e. the ones that make you the most profit!

Having a central customer type you focus on can help the rest of your business as well, removing any confusion in what you’re trying to achieve.

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