Internal links and landing pages

19th September 2014 in SEO

Why are internal links and landing pages important to SEO success?

The answer is that creating a landing page for a particular topic and then directing traffic to that page (both internally and externally) will allow you to rank more consistently, rather than generating multiple pages on the same topic that will simply have the effect of cannibalising search rankings from other pages on its site. 

For example, if your company is planning to have a presence at an industry event or exhibition such as the *Kirklees Business Conference, create a landing page on your site for it with information about the show itself and your involvement with it. 

In addition to pushing this page out to followers on social platforms, you should also ensure that whenever you have an update, or as the event gets closer, you create content with internal links that feed back into the landing page, such as blog or news articles.


Every new article or blog post should serve to boost or sustain the rankings of the landing page for that particular topic.

Having a co-ordinated linking strategy, with news and articles produced with Google in mind - as well as SEO - allows the landing pages produced to be given the best possible chance of success. 

For a great example of the effectiveness of internal links and landing pages read the Econsultancy article about the success of World Cup pages created by top media sites including the BBC, The Guardian and the Telegraph.

*By the way, we are attending the Kirklees Business Conference but not exhibiting, so if you’re also planning to be there and would like to meet up for a coffee and chat, please give us a call.

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